We are Committed to a Low-Carbon Future

At Ranacene Utilities & Insights Limited, we are banking on the falling cost of solar electricity and the global rise in the number of grid-connected and off-grid solar photovoltaic systems to fill in the electricity demand gap in Nigeria.


Enhancing the lifestyle of communities with sunshine.


To lead the solar energy revolution in Nigeria by providing nimble solutions and enhancing our balance sheet.

Our commitment to low-carbon future amidst the rapidly expanding and inexpensive, low-carbon technology has empowered us to provide nimble solutions to harness renewable energy from the Sun.

The low solar power penetration in Nigeria is a catalyst that has spurred us to aggressively expand solar energy deployment, and our size enables us to quickly design and deploy bespoke energy services to our clients and is committed to improving the lifestyle of our customers.


The Ranacene Utilities & Insights Limited team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds, but are united by a passion to deliver reliable and bespoke energy solutions to homes and businesses, bearing in mind the integration of renewable energy as the major ingredient of the mix to make our environment more sustainable. Every member of the team is poised to utilize individual and collective experience and skills to further the mission.